Thursday, August 28, 2014

California Trip: Part 3

While we were in California we had to go to Seaport Village. Yes, it's super touristy but every time we visited family we've always gone there and it's nostalgic for me. And since I haven't been to California in nearly 10 years I was looking forward to it!

There was this gorgeous old carousel there and we spent a few minutes waiting so the kids could take a ride. Co loved it and it was fun to watch him but man this was the fastest carousel I've ever seen! I'm attaching a video so you can see what I mean. Even though you can't completely see how fast it was from the video, trust me--it was intense!

My cousin's husband is a firefighter and he had an opportunity to bring his firetruck to Seaport Village while we there and Co and Patch and their cousins got to check it out--Co was on cloud nine. He seriously thought it was so cool to have firetruck privileges.

That weekend we also got to stop in a visit with my grandma for a few minutes. She is too sweet and I have wonderful memories of her growing up. I was really glad that my boys finally got to meet her! She had toys in her room so she made fast friends with my guys. Losing a grandparent makes you cherish those moments with those who are still alive a little more.

Next week I'll share our trip to Legoland!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lunch Time With My 3-Year Old ((Nuby Review))

**Disclaimer: I'm a Nuby Mommy Blogger which means I am sent products from Nuby in exchange for a review on my blog. However, all opinions are my very own**  

 I'm terrible at eating lunch at home. I know it sounds silly, but we start off the day eating breakfast at home and I really don't mind cooking and eating dinner at home, but when it comes to lunch I prefer to go out somewhere else. I don't have to have a fancy restaurant for lunch (and let's be honest, my budget doesn't allow for that) but I do like going somewhere where I can eat under $10 and enjoy the time out. A lot of restaurants have lunch meals and those meals are affordable. No, we don't go out everyday, but enough so that when I say it's lunch time Co asks "What restaurant are we going to eat?" Yes, I know, that's awful right?

I enjoy eating out for lunch because it's my time out of the house and even if I don't have errands to run it's nice getting out for an hour to eat. I usually go with my mom and sister and I like the adult conversation I get at lunch. And I really like it because it's because it's dishes I don't have to wash, food I don't have to prepare, and tables I don't have to wipe. 

But I do know that $10 a day adds up to $50 a week which is about $200 a month and if I'm spending that on lunch I'm in serious trouble. 

I'm trying to get better and eat at home more so I buy lunch things that the boys will love. I decided to make lunch at home special this week and I served Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets, a bowl of applesauce, and veggie straws. The boys get plenty of variety at dinner time so I don't mind keeping lunches simple with foods I know they'll eat. 

But you know what made this lunch special? He got to use our new Nuby Easy-Grip Fork and Spoon set. These new utensils were fun because of the bright colors and rubber grip handle, but my favorite thing about the set was the shape. The curved handle made directing the utensils a lot easier. Co is pretty good at handling regular utensils but this shape made things even easier. At dinner he wanted to use the fork again and the curved fork shape made picking  up couscous so much simpler! He got to use the fork tongs with the spoon shape so food wasn't falling off as he was moving it to his mouth. 

These utensils simplify meal time, make our lunch at home look a little more appealing, and are something every parent needs in their silverware drawer!

If you want to pick a set up you can find them at,,,,

 Nuby has a lot of other really cool products and you can find out more about them on Nuby's Facebook PageInstagramPinterest, and Twitter.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

Treasure Find Tuesday

Whether or not I'm ready to admit it, Patch's first birthday is coming up...and fast. So of course I consulted Pinterest for ideas.

I don't know if you remember, but we celebrated Co's birthday in a non-Pinteresty way and I loved the low-key-less-stress ordeal, but since it's Patch's first birthday I want it to feel first birthdayish, and that means handmade decorations, browsing Pinterest way too many times, and laying awake thinking about how I'll need to rearrange the furniture. 

This child loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I seriously mean he LOVES it. Co will watch other shows and Patch won't pay too much attention. But as soon as he hears that Mouse's greeting his smile is huge and he can't help but to get up and dance.

I was going to throw him an adorable construction themed party but watching his adoration of Mickey and his friends grow, I knew we were having a Clubhouse party.

I will have a few obvious details because I know Patch will enjoy seeing Mickey (I found a cute and kind of big clubhouse scene to hang on one wall and I think the little kids will have fun seeing the actual characters). And then of course I will have the fun details I want to make that are a little more subtle--Mickey's silhouette in different colors, themed food with nameplates, signage with phrases from the songs and sayings--you know, the fun details the adults care about.

I've been pinning like an obsessed person and I hope I get to use some of the ideas I've found. No, I won't be using them ALL, but there are some that I think would make the party just way too cute.

Check out my Pinterest board to see the ideas I have floating around and I can't wait to share with you Patch's party! Well, I can wait since time is going too fast, but it's inevitable so I can be a little excited about the party.

Follow Ashley's board Patch's First Birthday on Pinterest.

What was your child's first birthday theme? 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

After School Snacking

School is back in full swing for most students now and I wanted to share some simple and easy snack solutions!

Check out my post this week on Dainty Jewell's Blog to find out what you should keep on hand, plus find a couple of links of my own snack recipes!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

California Trip-Part 2

While we were in California most of my mom's side of the family all met at the beach. It turned out to be mostly rainy and very cool but we had plenty of coverings, jackets, and food so we still had a great time. And in between the rain we enjoyed the beach!

I have an overload of pictures to share so I'll keep the words short!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Treasure Find Tuesday: Four DIY Household Cleaners

Have you jumped on the DIY Household Cleaner bandwagon yet? 

I have and I'm in love. Yes, there is the appeal that there are a lot less harmful and harsh chemicals floating around our cleaning cabinet now, and I like that. 

But I really like it because it's so cost effective! Whenever I search for a cleaner on Pinterest I usually have the ingredients on hand. And let me just ask this-what doesn't vinegar fix? It's used for EVERYTHING. It's nice when I run low on a cleaner I'm not having to add it the grocery list, trying to remember to pick it up while I'm out, and realizing that I forgot it at the moment I need it. 

Right now I'm only using these four homemade products but I hope to add some more to my routine. 

You can find a variety of spray bottles in different stores. This bottle I found at Walmart for a dollar. It holds plenty but feels thin so I'll have to swap it out soon. 

I love this cleaner! The cornstarch in there was shocking to me but it really does work! 

I don't have the essential oils this blogger uses but it still works really well without it.

I bought this bottle from Bed Bath and Beyond for $5 and it's my favorite so far. The size holds a lot and it's very sturdy. 

DIY Laundry Detergent

This recipe was given to me from friends at church and I'm not sure of the original source. We love the switch we made--our clothes smell so much cleaner, they are coming out cleaner and this stuff lasts forever!

1 bar Fels-Naptha soap, grated (small grate) 
1/2 bar White Zoat soap, grated (large grate)
4 scoops Oxiclean (all scoops mentioned here are using the scoop from the Oxiclean box)
4 scoops Borax
4 scoops Washing Soda
3 scoops Purex Crystals

I use a baby formula scoop--for normal loads I use anywhere from 1 to 1 1/2 scoops of detergent and larger loads get 2 scoops. I have an HE washer and this works just fine. 

I also got this recipe from church but I found it online for you to reference. This blogger uses sponges but I use thin rags (about 18 per batch).

I don't worry if the rags are completely saturated, I haven't found that necessary. I do wash these after they've been used and resaturated 3 times. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tapas Night!

In our house we love tapas--it's fun to say and even more fun to eat!

Check out why I love them so much and find one of my favorite tapas recipes over on the Dainty Jewell's Blog.

And don't miss it--pretty soon I'll be sharing a couple more tapas that we love eating over here.

Tapas Night and Citrus Garlic Shrimp Recipe